Frozen Crystal Petals Chandelier

Elevate your space with the “FROZEN CRYSTAL PETALS Chandelier.” Customized in a spectrum of colors, sizes, and compositions, this modern masterpiece is a radiant reflection of your unique style. Design your living room’s perfect centerpiece today and let the enchanting beauty of crystal petals illuminate your world.


Our FROZEN CRYSTAL PETALS Chandelier offers endless possibilities for customization. Designed and installed in a spectrum of colors, sizes, and compositions, this chandelier allows you to curate the perfect lighting centerpiece for your space.

Breathtaking Color Palette

Already, we’ve explored a range of stunning colors, including Crystal with Silver Mica, Crystal with Cognac and Golden Mica, Crystal with Gilded Edge, Cognac with Light Cognac and Tabac Mist, and Crystal with Onyx. Each color palette transforms your chandelier into a unique work of art.

Design Your Chandelier Today

Bring your vision to life and illuminate your living room with a chandelier that reflects your style. Design your customized FROZEN CRYSTAL PETALS Chandelier today.

Experience the fusion of contemporary design and artistic expression with this enchanting chandelier. Elevate your ambiance and make a statement that is uniquely yours.

Design your chandelier for your living room today and let the FROZEN CRYSTAL PETALS Chandelier enchant your world with its radiant beauty.


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