Crystal Rectangular Chandelier

Our Crystal Rectangular Chandelier is the embodiment of luxury and sophistication. Crafted with precision, it radiates timeless charm, casting a mesmerizing glow in your living room or lobby. With a range of customization options and up to 15 years of warranty, this is more than a chandelier – it’s an investment in excellence. Elevate your space and experience the allure of crystal today.


Unveiling the epitome of opulence, our Crystal Rectangular Chandelier is a flawless blend of sophistication and brilliance. Designed to redefine the aesthetics of your luxury living room and lobby areas, this crystal masterpiece exudes timeless charm. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the allure of this exquisite luminary.

1. Unleash the Radiance

Witness the Splendor: The Crystal Rectangular Chandelier is a testament to the unparalleled beauty of crystal craftsmanship. Each crystal, meticulously handpicked, is poised to dazzle your space. Watch as it transforms your room into a haven of radiance, casting an enchanting play of light and shadow.

Timeless Elegance: With its sleek rectangular design, this chandelier seamlessly blends with contemporary and traditional interiors alike. It’s not merely a lighting fixture; it’s a statement piece that adds timeless elegance to your decor. Your space deserves nothing less than the exquisite.

2. Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

Quality Unmatched: Crafted with precision and passion, our Crystal Rectangular Chandelier stands as a symbol of uncompromising quality. We believe in offering nothing but the best, and this masterpiece reflects our dedication to excellence. Its exceptional quality sets it apart.

Tailored to Perfection: We understand that every space is unique. That’s why we offer customized options to ensure your chandelier complements your vision. Let your imagination soar, and we’ll bring it to life, creating a personalized masterpiece that’s exclusively yours.

3. A Promise of Brilliance and Longevity

Warranty You Can Trust: The Crystal Rectangular Chandelier is more than a purchase; it’s an investment. We stand by our creation’s durability and offer warranties ranging from 1 to 15 years, securing your investment and your peace of mind.

Free Installation Service: At Bohemia Crystal, we go the extra mile to make your experience seamless. With our free installation service available across the UAE, you can trust us to handle the setup with utmost care and professionalism.

4. Explore More Possibilities

Modern Marvels: If the allure of modern design captivates you, we invite you to explore our range of modern chandeliers. The Crystal Rectangular Chandelier is just one facet of our contemporary lighting collection, where innovation meets elegance.

Staircase Grandeur: Elevate your staircase with the grandeur it deserves. Our Staircase Chandelier collection is designed to impress and add a touch of glamour to every step you take.

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