A leading provider of high quality chandeliers & crystal products in the Gulf & Middle East.

Staircase Chandelier

Mission Statement

To provide quality chandeliers & cystals that exceeds expectations of our esteemed customers.

Scope of Work

We treat our customers with respect and patience.
We value and nature relationships with our esteemed customers.

Interior Design with Murano

About The Company

From dazzling chandeliers to beautiful crystal glass accessories in flawless cuts, brilliant shapes and designs, Bohemia Crystal products make a statement.

Bohemia Crystal UAE provides the largest collection of high-quality hand-crafted Chandeliers in Classic & Modern tastes. The range also includes metal, bronze chandeliers as well as various colors, sizes and styles.

The company also provides a range of premium Decorative Items and Crystals for multiple interior designs.

The main product lines at Bohemia Crystal encompass hand-made classic and modern crystal and metal bronze chandeliers in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. The company also offers customised wall brackets, table lamps, stand lamps, decorative light fittings such as crystal and metal pendants, ceiling lights, garden lights, etc. The unique designs of its lighting pieces and accessories accentuate traditional as well as contemporary decors.

Why Bohemia Crystals

Experience: In addition to more than 20 years experience; crystal chandeliers, wall brackets, table & stand lamps, decorative light fittings and ceiling lights have by far been our greatest success. The true attributes of our crystals lies in the creativity and our understanding of quality, craftsmanship and Heritage. Our professionally trained team of experts are available to guide you through our products to ensure your get the best match for your taste.

Innovation: Bohemia crystal introduces new collections on a quarterly basis, always adding something new all the time to match the various needs, styles cultures and tastes, keeping us Ahead as your only source of extraordinary Crystals.

Production and Supply: The Proprietor of Bohemia Crystal UAE, Mr. Ahmed Al Daher also owns a Manufacturing Plant for Crystal Chandeliers. This means total control and guarantee of the quality of products that are delivered to you at very reasonable prices.

Gold Crystal Chandelier

Our Partnerships

“We are partners with Murano chandelier factories in Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, among  many other countries, which helps us produce and bring unique designs to our customers at better pricing.

Murano chandeliers are true masterpieces of Venetian art, and known for their high quality. The handmade pieces are made with traditional tools and techniques, and are truly valuable and enviable masterpieces,”  Mr. Ahmed Al Daher, Chairman of Bohemia Crystal LLC.