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Why Choose Bohemia Crystal Chandeliers

Customized Lighting Designs:  A personal touch, specially designed for you. When you cannot find the chandelier that matches your vision, we are ready to go an extra mile and tailor make a chandelier design that is suitable for your needs.

Signature Branding: Bohemia crystal Chandeliers bare the signature traits of the designer or sculptor which is crucial in determining authenticity of the Item. This is evidence of our commitment to bringing you the quality you very well deserve.

Strictly European Products: Bohemia Crystal chandeliers have a sound reputation for standards. In other words globally recognized brands in your interior.

Certification: Each item has a certificate of Origin, therefore demonstrating originality of the item. Nothing is left to chance.

Durability: All products have guaranteed durability of 15 to 20 years with high resistance to fading and staining

Cutting: Bohemia Crystal is typically cut and polished in a precise manner. This is evidenced in the smooth nature you feel when you hold one.